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Experience the elegance and durability of our floating staircases. We offer a one-stop-shop solution for builders and architects, providing top-quality craftsmanship and competitive prices.

*A Proud Distributor of Prestige Metal Stringers

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Custom Staircase Design

We transform your visions into detailed, executable designs. Our custom design service saves you time and effort, ensuring your staircases not only fit the aesthetic and functional requirements of your projects but also comply with structural integrity standards. No more detailing stairs in CAD or coordinating with multiple contractors—we've got it covered.


Engineering and Precision Fabrication

Our use of advanced technology in engineering and fabrication ensures each staircase is a perfect blend of form and function. With our expertise, your projects benefit from staircases that are precisely engineered, aesthetically pleasing, and ready to integrate seamlessly into your designs, eliminating common on-site fabrication issues.


On-Site Measurements and 3D Scanning

Our commitment to precision starts with on-site measurements and 3D scanning, ensuring an exact fit for your staircases. This meticulous approach minimizes the need for adjustments and ensures that each staircase component integrates flawlessly into your project, saving time and reducing the margin for error.


Fast and Efficient Installation

Experience the convenience of having your staircases installed swiftly and accurately. Our prefabricated approach and skilled installation team enable us to complete most installations in less than a day, significantly reducing downtime and ensuring your project remains on track, both in terms of timeline and budget.

Why us?

Why choose Hampton Stair?

Seamless Integration

From initial design to final installation, we offer a cohesive service that saves time and avoids miscommunication.

Superior Quality

With advanced techniques like laser cutting and powder coating, we ensure a finish that's both durable and aesthetically pleasing.

Pure Value

Leveraging partnerships and in-house capabilities, we provide top-tier quality at competitive prices.

Efficiency in Execution

Our prefabricated approach means faster installation with minimal disruption, without sacrificing precision.

Our products

Elegance meets engineering.

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Our seamless process

Our approach to perfection.

Initial Consultation

Share your vision and receive a prompt, comprehensive quote.

Detailed Planning

Precision measurement and CAD designs ensure a perfect fit.


Your staircase is meticulously crafted in our workshop.


We install your staircase, transforming your space with minimal downtime.

Hampton Stairs was easy to work with, gave me the best price, and delivered a stunning product.

Verified customer

There is no way someone can build a better stair. Absolutely flawless, and an excellent experience.

Verified customer

Gone are the days of on-site welding or steel tube stairs. The finish on their stringer was exceptional. They even were able to CNC route out the treads for LED lighting and to sit flush on top of the steel plate.

Verified customer

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Frequent questions.

Quick answers on our services, process, and more.
What makes your staircases stand out in terms of quality?

We only use Prestige Metal Stringers which are top quality all laser cut and powder coated. Our stringers are not steel tube on tube construction which is clunky and heavy - they are sleek with no or concealed steel tread plates. Face and baseplates (at connection points) are also concealed or flush.

There is no on-site welding: all welds are plugged and the finish is as good as a new Apple product. There is no better stair at a better price. Anywhere.

How do you ensure the staircase fits perfectly in the designated space?

We start every steel stair job with a CAD drawing - not only for the stringer but often for the treads and railings too. This ensures the stringer fits perfectly and conforms to the clients vision.

We offer several different models of stringers, to ensure that the architect/ developer’s vision is achieved. In addition to different stringers, we also offer different tread and railing options. The result is a fully custom and bespoke stair that enhances the program and architecture around it.

What support do you offer post-installation?

We pride ourselves in managing the entire stair installation process - including treads and railings. We hope to complete your project efficiently and quickly but provide a satisfaction guarantee on each job - meaning we will do whatever it takes to get the job done.

Can you work with tight project timelines?

Absolutely! We typically install our stringers after sheetrock with no or minimal disruption to the building process. Every project we do is bespoke and requires time to measure on-site, complete a CAD drawing, and then coordinate the fabrication of steel, wood, and glass.

We have made this process very efficient and can typically install the stringers within 4 weeks of a production deposit.

Are there customization options for stair designs?

Customization options are limitless - we can customize any of our stringer designs. We can also do custom glass woodwork, including tread thickness or angles, custom glass in recessed channels, rod and cable railing, etc.

If you can dream it, we can build it.

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